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January 19, 2016
By LeighMT GOLD, Calgary, Other
LeighMT GOLD, Calgary, Other
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With light dancer’s feet so airily silent –
Marring th’earth, her spangled steps nonviolent –
Spectral, she drifts in delicate alignment.

With trumpets gold she heralds the morn, rimose
Is the lace of her breath in brisk air; “Vamose,”
She urges, “winter’s deceit is e’ermore close."

Fiercely labouring, time has conceived a foe
Born of tempestuous mirth and thick shadow;
She winnows and howls, the carrier of woe.

Her ghastly wrath eases with dissonant sighs,
And anon, transformed, she herself neatifies
In clinquant deception so brutally wry.

Irenic now, her wav’ring face coaxingly 
Soothes with lamenting pleas, and, preventingly,
Her frosted face softens so transiently.

The author's comments:

I used the Muzdawidj form (11 syllable lines in rhyming triplets) to compose this poem.


I had an idea for this poem in my head for a while, so hopefully it translated to words alright. The alternate title was "The Tempest", but I opted for this to refocus the topic and avoid this being too closely associated to Shakespeare's "The Tempest".

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