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To Hell and Back

March 23, 2016
By WhiteNoise PLATINUM, Easley, South Carolina
WhiteNoise PLATINUM, Easley, South Carolina
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I can see it in your eyes
Are you even listening? Guys?
You’ll never care what I have to say
On this, the next, or any other day
After all, on you I have no effect
You don’t care. Am I correct?
You don’t care what I have to tell
Doesn’t matter if I’ve been straight to hell.
So there’s no going back
A bit of respect is what you lack
If only you knew
How well I grew
From beatings and thrashings
To being good and passing
From a stepfather with a belt
To living how I felt
From a mother who let it happen
To broken pictures I’m still smashin’
I bring something new to the table
Something true, no myths or fables
I can’t trust you now
And I just think, “Wow.”
The lack of emotion on your faces
Is my argument’s prime basis
I don’t mean to be misleading
But have you ever awoke to a beating?
I look back now with a bitter laugh
Mr. B. says we’re close, but he knows not even half.
From a mother who lied about my father
To a home where I’m not bothered
But you could care less
I don’t care sometimes, I confess
We all have our own faults
I take mine with a grain of salt
I go on with myself
Until the day my book forever rests on the shelf
From juvie to DSS
To getting out of that mess
From Hell to Heaven
All while I was seven
I knew I couldn’t trust your judgmental souls
And I never will until we pay Death’s tolls
From being painfully dragged out of bed
To sleeping so late my grandma thought I was dead
From being well underfed
To eating sandwiches the size of my head
Now I’m hated for calling you out
It’s ok. Don’t pout
From serving Stepdad Sleazy
To moving away, to Easley
I have been to hell and back
All with just what I packed
From me being filthy
To being found guilty
I told the truth
I fought nail and tooth
Innocent, I was
Still lingering was my buzz
Once again, you hate me
I do see
I am not scared
Because just like you, I never cared.

The author's comments:

Welcome to my life. And if you are out there wondering if there are other people who feel the same way as you about life, there are. I am one of those people. Trust and believe, I have gone through a lot worse than what is mentioned in this poem. This doesnt even scratch the surface. In the end it always gets better, and thats just from my personal experiences. Dont give up and dont give in. 

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