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heart song.

February 22, 2009
By Alyssa Smith PLATINUM, Kemp, Texas
Alyssa Smith PLATINUM, Kemp, Texas
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this is the song
to your heart.



part zero.
oh, dearest,
why are you locked inside
a bathroom stall? no one
to hold you, tell you sweet
lies and say you are
beautiful, say you are
perfect? it's not the end of
the world, not yet. if it was,
wouldn't there be


part one.


your heart is not yet
dead; please do not
say it is. if it was dead,
it wouldn't hurt this

your heart is only sleeping.


part two.

when the only melody in your head
is a break up song, and the only thing
your heart seems capable of doing
is twisting itself into knots, and the only
thing you want to do is hide and escape



part three.

we are talking about finding
eternity in the things people
throw away. we are talking about
listening to the moments of silence
in between heart beats. we are talking
about distances shortening and
people realizing they can

we are talking about
finding happiness.


part four.

one of the greatest tragedies
in life is that
those who judge us
can't even seem to judge us


part five.

'how do you know
my heart has a song?'

'it has a beat, doesn't it?'



part six.

we could stay up late
at night, until sleep seems
only a beat away, until
words become only soft
murmurings of the heart.


part seven.

you are a piano, dirtied
by the hands of humans,
and yet, you hold onto
purity, somehow, and
there is someone out there,
somewhere, who will
come along and make
the most beautiful music
come out of you.

(i'm sure of this.)


part x.

life has no pattern, just as
love has no rules.


hush and close your eyes,
sleep is waiting.

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