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The Binds of Life

February 27, 2009
By JaredC PLATINUM, Louisville, Kentucky
JaredC PLATINUM, Louisville, Kentucky
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I've made strangers of every one i know,
and thought badly about the best.
when will i learn the past is past,
and lay it to untimely rest.
Death is my future
Not a drop of doubt in that.
But where I will see my next friendly face
In heaven it is likely best.

If ever a lover I meet
I will liken her to death
For she will end me simple and sweet
I tell you I would not waste a breath
In the defense of one I love
There would be no use
Stand between me and her
And in your hands you life hangs loose

If ever a true friend is found for me
I will liken him to plague
For I would rather take this worlds trouble bear handed
Than him be sickened to bed.
For would I be without him
O how useless I would be.
Without my friend I would but be
Frail and lifeless company.

If ever I a spouse find
I will liken her to a cage
For never more bound would I be
Than to have the bond of marriage.
I would shackle my self to her finger
And she would bind me to her neck
I would fain to leave, but would ere stay
For my love would bind me back.

If ever I a family find
I would liken them to bars
For never would I escape that house
Until I be whipped beaten and scarred.
They would tear my ego and bash my body
Till I no longer can stand their rage.
Then I shall leave and be at peace
With my death my plague and cage.

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