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My life as I live [day one] [topic: my choice for life]

March 2, 2009
By AlexW. BRONZE, Parkville, Missouri
AlexW. BRONZE, Parkville, Missouri
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I woke up and i layed in bed thinking "is there something i can do to help out today" little did i know that when i was thinking that i already helped by leaving everyone alone so i got up and went to the living room i saw my brother eating chips and no one else so i walked toward the office to see if there was something there i could do but still nothing so i wandered the house and found the dog was out of water so i filled her bowl up with water when i just crumbled, and as i tried to pull myself together i thought "why?" so i just walked to my room and i layed in bed again thinking "who cares anymore?" "do i actually matter?" so today was the day i decided to become a soldier for the U.S. military so untill i'm old enough to join i will just stay out of the way untill they call me in, they say i'm growing like a weed, they say i have potential, where is that potential?, how can i use it where else could i have potential and being tall is a good thing, well i figured military tall is good in some of the military so i think i have something to do in this lifetime.

well untill next time love, peace and all their friends to you. peace out

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