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March 2, 2009
By lala_bear SILVER, Cave Junction, Oregon
lala_bear SILVER, Cave Junction, Oregon
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sitting, waiting,
the clock ticks and tocks,
through time.
i ponder the future.
what is to become of my life?
i can dream whatever,
achieve everything.
i can be what my heart truely desires,
then i think,
what happens,
when your heart stops beating?
will i be in a room,
lined with people?
at the end of the room
is a secretary at her desk,
above her a sign reads
"death has come!"
then a door off to the right,
where would it go?
into another room?
a maze of rooms?
lost, traped, alone?
perhaps thats not what happens at all maybe,
when you die,
its just darkness,
nothing at all.
no memories,
no feelings.
just darkness.
it is possibe,
when your time comes,
theres a magical beautiful land,
so beautiful you can't
even dream of such a place.
where there is no pain and hate,
only peace and love.
i guess we won't know,
untill our time has come
for death to take its toll!

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