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Deeper Inside

March 3, 2009
By Daniel Blumin PLATINUM, Tenafly, New Jersey
Daniel Blumin PLATINUM, Tenafly, New Jersey
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When there is no where out,
Where do you go?
When the walls fall in,
Where will my blood flow?

When the people close in,
And the light escapes my view,
When justice no longer resides,
The answers are so few.

When perspiration beats me down,
When I stare down a gun,
How do I know,
Where do I find,
The path that brings me back,
To where I once was

When I am trapped in solitude of my space,
And my soul moves no more,
How can I escape,
To the place I was before,
When I am bleeding,
When the line falls flat,
When my light is extinguished,
And I cant move back,
When my hopes are abandoned,
When my exits are blocked,
Where could I go?

I know I am lost,
I cant find my self back,
Death stares me in the eye,
And I sit on god's rack.
Where do I head,
Dear god you tell me,
When I cant get back out,
From the inside of this sea,
Where can I go,
The truth is I cant,
I cant go anywhere,
The truth is
Iife is unfair.
Not all of us
Can have the right to fall out,
Not all of us
Have an escape,
Not all of us
can run from our fate.

When life tells us,
We have no way out,
When all you can see is black,
When life shows us we can only accept,
Don't. There is no going back.

When we are faced with a blackness,
When we are told to reside,
Maybe the best thing to do,
Is to go deeper inside.

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