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March 4, 2009
By Aubree PLATINUM, Rutland, Vermont
Aubree PLATINUM, Rutland, Vermont
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im only human
im inhumane
you came
you became
they saw
they never realized
she cried
when he died
and everyone lied
about that day
there was nothing else to say
and being only human
is and was my price to pay
as i lay
breathing the dirt
gravity pressing my chest against the ground
physicalities ripping my shirt
im only human
but really im inhumane
and baby, im sorry
you make me insane
i cant help you
i crave your touch
but your never there
i always cared
you never dared
i was too unknown
so i was thrown
a 2 pointer in the trash
thats all ive ever been
trash for someone to hate
no one to see
your not better than me
for once in this career
of living in fear
i quit and recovered
thats not me
im finally happy
you say your glad
but its your doing i am
so go ahead
shut the door with a slam
and cram little secrets in
ill never hear
only the tears that fall from your eyes
your body, you all together
and forever
forever you keep repeating
forever keeps my heart beating
thank you

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