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Life's Not A Fairy Tale

March 17, 2009
By sminor09 PLATINUM, Garden, Michigan
sminor09 PLATINUM, Garden, Michigan
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Once upon a time
In a land so very far away
They clung together
Dancing under the starry sky.
Loving every moment
And cherishing every smile.
Chasing the happy ever after
Until they found themselves in a land not their own.
Growing apart
Distances traversed,
Unwinding and rewinding
Looking for what was before
Mistaking hopes for true feelings
It's all in the eyes
Closing gently
Sleeping beauty
Awaiting true love's kiss
Tender touch upon thy lips
But does not awaken
Life is not a fairy tale
Love is a spectacular thing
But of its power it does not possess
The ability to solve every problem
Love won't always make it better
Love is a powerful weapon
But when taken out of the story book
And applied to the world
Its principles are not the same
Sometimes the prince doesn't get the princess
And sometimes the princess doesn't wake up
By the prince's gentle touch
Sometimes love slips by
Before anyone knows it's even there.

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