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The Condemning Birdhouse

March 26, 2009
By Matthew Russell BRONZE, Paso Robles, California
Matthew Russell BRONZE, Paso Robles, California
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Inside Mary's illuminating birdhouse,
there lives life unknown to other humans.
There are magical dolphins that have majestic problems.
There are orange snowmen eating carrots made of clothing
There are monster elephants making tea from clovers.
There are iridescent coins fashioned from a dragon's flames.
There are clumsy widows with their weird business.
There are buckets worth of facetious cookies who use paper computers.
Looking into this land,
it appeared to have no consequences for young Mary.
However, after leaving the birdhouse,
she quickly wanted to come to this place as much as possible.
Mary entered the birdhouse time and time again,
and it soon became her priority in her pitiful life.
She then deserted everyone she had once loved to reside in the birdhouse forever.
Knowing that this place could never leave her,
Mary was content to know that the birdhouse would always remain with her,
and the birdhouse was content to know that he destroyed a potential life.

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