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Bitter Heart

November 30, 2017
By Armadillo333 GOLD, Fort Kent, Maine
Armadillo333 GOLD, Fort Kent, Maine
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"Stars can't shine without darkness" - Unknown

Can you see?
Through that heart,
Colored crimson,
A vast emptiness,
That is your chest,
I touch your shoulder,
You retaliate,
Pulling away from my love,
Your black soulless eyes,
Carving into my heart,
I touch your cheek,
I don’t feel the warmth,
It’s frozen and bitter,
Raw like a winter’s morning,
Trapped, and enclosed,
In darkness, alone,
Why are you this way,
Who took away your warmth,
A warmth that you feel,
When you’re listening to your mother’s voice,
A warmth so healing,
To melt the coldest of hearts,
I pull you close,
Let you feel my skin,
The tingle of heat,
Reflecting on my chest,
Your pale, chapped lips,
Turn a light pink,
Water dripping down your chest,
The ice age is over,
Here comes the sun,
Blazing on the horizon,
Cresting the edge of these valleys,
I pull your face to mine,
Look at the rich pigment of pink on your lips,
The bluest of seas in your eyes
I want to feel this warmth you have inquired,
I press my lips to yours,
The world stops on its axis,
The stars are no longer in the sky,
But in your eyes,
The warmth is so overwhelming,
I pull away,
My stomach tingles,
My lips curl into a smile,
I grab your hand,
And walk to the sun,
Forever holding onto you,
And you shall always be warm.

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