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He Came

March 22, 2009
By Sasha-Bear PLATINUM, Lockhart, Texas
Sasha-Bear PLATINUM, Lockhart, Texas
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im at a blank stage. no passing, no crossroads. ive fallen inbetween the tracks and im finding it hard to climb my way back. then within the darkness reigns a shimmering light and my hand reaches up and im cleared of all fright. i am rescued and am whole not fogotten or alone, because in my time of need, he came to rescue me. he lent me his heart when mine was lost in transit and pulled me out of sight when i couldnt handle it. he opened up my eyes to see who i really was and he forgave me myself when i couldnt believe. he was my shining light through the dark desperate hours and he made clear my path when i could no longer see my own. now i lay my hands in his own and i pray one day he'll see thanks to him im no longer alone, thanks to him i am me.

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on May. 25 2009 at 4:47 pm
project827 GOLD, Portage, Michigan
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very nicely done. I like this kinda poetry, and you just do an awesome job at it. keep it up.