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<3Deeply Inlove<3

April 2, 2009
By !Kachell!;) BRONZE, Moline, Illinois
!Kachell!;) BRONZE, Moline, Illinois
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So theres this guy that's sweet and funny!I love it when he calls me honey!I truely think that he is the one.But if he isn't i am done.He says nothing but sweet things to me all the time.I feel so lucky to call him mine.But even though times for us are getting tough:/I still feel like im deeply inlove:)I'm trying so hard not to break his heart!I NEVER thought to do that at the very start.I hope i dont ever lose him he's like a bestfriend!!!I'll never tell a lie to him EVER again.I love to soft sound of his voice:)It's defintely a kodak moment i can't rejoyce>I am deeply inlove with the boy of my dreams!I can tell he feels the same about me:)I picture our fairytale wedding so fun and brighting!It's always one thing thats never shocking!I love seeing his brighting smile:D!And i soooo cannot wait to walk down the aisle!I am deeply inlove with that special one!We'll always be together and NEVER be done!!!!!!!:)

The author's comments:
This poem is truely based upon stuff that i am really going through in real life so i hope you guys like it :)

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