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Say It

February 19, 2009
By JessicaBuck GOLD, Fullerton, California
JessicaBuck GOLD, Fullerton, California
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Come here and say it,
say it to my face,
No walking away now,
no backing down.

I'm right here,
don't be scared.
I don't bite,
just move you're lips and say it.

I know you want to,
I want to hear it.
Say it, say it.

Let it all out,
tell me how you feel.
Who cares what people think,
just come here and say it.

There was that so hard,
don't you feel relieved.
No more trouble sleeping,
no more pain in you're heart.

You can wash away you're tears,
drown your sorrows.
And live,
live with knowing you said it all and meant every word.

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