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Love Is Everlasting

October 1, 2009
By universalc BRONZE, St. Louis, Missouri
universalc BRONZE, St. Louis, Missouri
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Rely on no one but yourself.

Love is everlasting, it soars like the wind
Love can be limitless, it has no time, no end
Love is what you feel, sort of like, kind words spoken
To one another, and sometimes you get your heart broken
Love is only for the people who know how to act
I think of everyone as a half, looking for a match
Love takes time, so don't get frustrated
Just be patient, so love can be situated
Never give up, we wasn't created to quit
Sometimes love isn't there with the person you're with
Times can get difficult, and oh, so confusing
What you thought was love, was just an illusion
There are no rules, you could put on love
Just sit back, let it flow, it comes from above
Love can cause you to date your friends and their friends
That doesn't make you unfaithful, although others have been
Now, if you're dating too many at once, that's another story
But I can guarantee that later you'll be sorry
If you understand love, then it will come your way
And it will move into your heart, and forever, it will stay

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