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October 13, 2009
By Eric Johnson BRONZE, Green Sea, South Carolina
Eric Johnson BRONZE, Green Sea, South Carolina
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Giving you my all everyday and everynight.
Loving you in the morning til midnight.
Every ounce of me i gave,
and yet i didn''t get a smile or a wave.
Never you notice me at all.
I cry and hurt my knees when i fall.
I fell for you in the wrong way.
I knew our love wouldn''t stay.
To myself i say congratulations.
I forgot friendship, the basic foundation.
I sinned and found lust instead of love.
Please forgive me (to the Man Up Above)
Hear my sorrow and hear my cries.
Hear me out, and please send a reply.
I never felt such overwhelming pain,
and agony (all which were in vain)
I better take a little time to think
things over.
and read between the lines in case in need it
when i''m older.
Bruised but healing
and escaping that feeling
of sorrow and pain
and standing in the rain.
and letting the raindrops take the place
of tears.
and remembering my childhood of pain
and all those silly years.
Scars, nothing but scars.

The author's comments:
My life has been nothing but pains and sorrows and i finally got over all of that and now they're nothing but scars to me.

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