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Terror In My Dreams

December 8, 2009
By Model_Me_Cullen SILVER, Republic, Missouri
Model_Me_Cullen SILVER, Republic, Missouri
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Do you see
What we’ve done
Wont you look
How far we’ve come
Blind like you are
You probably wont notice
I wait at your door
Eager and hopeful
To show you the world
To leave you wanting more
Kiss me
Like your mean it
Catch me
I’m falling down
The long flight of stairs
We know as life
Wont you open your door
Its getting cold
And late
Soon I’ll have to go home
And spend yet another night
Lying in my bed
Without your love
That sends me to dream
Happy fields
Misty forests
I’ve seen them all
Deep within my slumber
A great threat stirs
Its nasty and vile
Teeth like a shark
Eyes yet so alluring
Patient and calm
I know its up to no good
But it beckons to me
And I obey
Breathless and terrified
I awaken to a reality not much better
Then I realize that your gone
And I wish my dreams back
Cause they are more pleasant
Than the lonely suffering I call my life
North and south
Very different things
But so much alike
They are counterparts
Canceling each other out
Like we used to be
Wont you be the north
To my south
I shall not wait
For you to open this door
Its taking to long
And I’m cold
Outside and inside
So goodbye dearly beloved
You are now to me
No more than the
Terror in my dreams

The author's comments:
This is a piece that is really close to my heart. It is a piece about love and about betrayal. Its about the feelings that we harbor and the dreams we overcome. It is about life.

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