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And She Smiles

December 8, 2009
By Model_Me_Cullen SILVER, Republic, Missouri
Model_Me_Cullen SILVER, Republic, Missouri
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I’m broken
From the inside out
Torn apart
Left for emotional death
We used to be one
Strong just us
Nobody there to mess it up
But then she came
And I lost you
Slowly at first
Then very noticeable
I couldn’t bear it
To see her in my spot
Right by your side
My definite place
Now she takes my role
As your person of choice
When things are going wrong
You call her
And its killing me
Because I sit and watch
Unable to do anything
And you don’t see it
You cant hear my sobs
Their broken and hot
Streaming down my cheek
Leaving their mark
On the friendship that used to be
I don’t hate her
She couldn’t help it
She just needed a friend
And she got mine
My closest and most loved
I should despise her to my core
But for some reason I don’t
You finally figure out
that’s its been happening all along
You cant believe it got that far
But it did and I tried
Tried to warn you
That we’d be living in turmoil
All big lies
That friends used to be
Now cant even look at each other
What do you want me to say
That I had no idea
But the truth is I did
I knew what was going on
And you pushed me away
Each time I told you
But now your tears match mine
Twin sets of sorrow
Because what we used to be
Like sisters
Are now broken apart
Torn at the core
Just like me
And you wont hear it happen
But one day it just will
The little crack in this façade
Will completely rip apart
So here I stand
In the rain on the other side of your street
I can see a light on in your window
And I know she’s in there
She knows I’m out here
And she smiles

The author's comments:
Yet another piece very close to me. Fighting for a friendship is hard, but its even worse when it turns into a war with someone else. This piece is my struggle, and eventually, my loss.

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