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The Little Rag Doll

December 31, 2009
By Your_Guardian_Angel PLATINUM, Clermont, Florida
Your_Guardian_Angel PLATINUM, Clermont, Florida
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This little rag doll
sits here with her little fake smile,
gently rocking back and forth.
No one can see her crying,
No one can hear her tears,
because a doll can't cry can it?

But why does she sob?
Why does she cry?
The pains from her heart
draw her bitter tears.
He heart bleeds...
She cannot breathe...
For she pines for her Lost Owner.

The owner she once loved and Cherished.
The owner that picked her up
When the last had ripped her apart.
He put her back together...
He made her complete again.
And she fell in love.
But then he grew up
and grew bored of the little rag doll.
And then she was alone again.

But that was okay...
She was fine with that,
She could bear the loneliness
because he ws still in sight.
She'd sit in her corner everyday hoping
That this was the day he would
Look her way.
But the days came and went
And he never looked.
But the little rag doll didn't lose hope.

Then one faithful day
He looked the little rag doll's way.
She smiled and reached out for him
But he just threw her away.

So now she sits
In her little waste basket
Slowly rocking back and forth,
Smiling through her nonexistant tears.
Whispering why...
Wishing for him back...
And knowing he won't be the last
To throw away
This little rag doll.

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