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May 2, 2010
By ToniAntatenique SILVER, Leadville, Colorado
ToniAntatenique SILVER, Leadville, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
"Sometimes you lose a battle, but mischief wins the war."-John Green, Looking for Alaska

My breath fogs up the window
Only for a quick second
And my finger moves swiftly though
To the world comes my message

Ocean waves of futility
Ocean waves of fruitful despair
My body’s stuck in fixity
Depression races through the air

I can’t fulfill my one legend
I look in the mirror stunned
I need a crutch to stand, a friend
In the mirror, what have I become?

Yet once more innocence is lost
Into the dark rights of passage
Onto the plank at my own cost
Once again, I write my message

Only to see in disappear into the darkness
Only to see myself feel hollow
I walk in marked thoughts, trespass.
I fall into yesterday and lose tomorrow

The author's comments:
Well it just describes me, for the most part.

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