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Sand Slips

May 2, 2010
By ToniAntatenique SILVER, Leadville, Colorado
ToniAntatenique SILVER, Leadville, Colorado
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"Sometimes you lose a battle, but mischief wins the war."-John Green, Looking for Alaska

You’re like a mother.
So close to me
You’re like no other.
You’re my eyes to see

I grew up with you
Down the gravel filled street
Lies that were true
Helped discover the real me

I looked up to you and your depth
You survived the worst pain
Saw through the closest death

The strongest person that I knew
Always smiled when upset
The strongest person is you
And I’m glad that we met

You saw death come close
And you beat it fair
So from that rose
Goosebumps and hair

Now you stand at the start line
Soul strong and body broken
You stand stiff running out of time
But this wound cannot mend

I hold your hand
As you held mine
In my fingers slips sand
In my fingers slips time

You mean a lot to me
More then you could ever guess
As you welcome the defeat
My heart falls out of my chest

Looks like this is the finale
I won’t embrace the change
But will meet again in an alley
At a different time, another age

The author's comments:
This is about my grandmother, who raised me.

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