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The View From Behind a Piano

May 29, 2010
By PrincessPineapple GOLD, Chesapeake, Virginia
PrincessPineapple GOLD, Chesapeake, Virginia
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"To love someone is to learn the song that is in their heart, and sing it to them when they have forgotten." ~unknown

A sun shines brighter in a darker sky
So we’ll hold up the walls as the planets collide
On the wind, in the air
Cause the world doesn’t care
We know the world doesn’t care
And tell me, do you know, dear?
I’d follow you to hell
And I can’t promise they’ll be no fear
But I’ll be there where you fell
And I’ll pray you never fall again
We have hearts for the best
And our eyes for the rest
And I’ll never pretend, never pretend
Dropping our arms and sleeping in charms
Fighting for peace in the way that it ends
Feeling notes through the ground
As we feel sound (replaces oxygen)
And then we can see how to begin
And all of a sudden we know it again
Synthesis breaking and cuts that are bleeding
Hurting is caused by the fire it’s feeding
Running low on serotonin
So they change my pills again
Suicidal ideation and fighting creation
Somewhere the light in each other
Finds enough of hope to save her
Finds enough hope to save me
Silent secret that both of us know
Painting the view from behind a piano

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