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"The Beauty Of A Forget-Me-Shot"

September 13, 2010
By theUnknownandtheAnonymous PLATINUM, Stockton, California
theUnknownandtheAnonymous PLATINUM, Stockton, California
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"All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke

As I'm reminded of all my failures, I try my hardest not to hurt
You know I won't leave you seething that way
And as you scream "Forget me not!" I'll take the shot
Drinking the same wine as Jesus did in His day
Drowning my sorrows in whiskey bottles
While watching the evangelist on mute on the tv
I'm reminded by all the painful memories
"Can you see me? Can you see me?"

I repent all I've seen, I repent all I know
While the bartender cleans up my mess
I'm slouching on my stool in stupor
Singing "hallelujah" as an "x" is erased from my chest
I'm receiving glances and curses left and right
The idle word, and the sweat from my brow
My heart senses something
"Can you tell me now? Can you tell me now?"

I'm dazed and confused as the misty air in the bar starts to fog
Feeling trapped in this little room I'm secluded in
The sounds of laughter from the patrons brings out my greatest fear
Bringing me closer to reliving my greatest sin
As last call comes, I give out mine
"Bartender, please clean up my mess,
And give me one more shot of gin
Just to make the pain grow less"
He says to me, "Son, you've had your fill.
Hell, you've had way too much
You've taken plenty now,
Don't use it as a crutch"

The sounds aren't so audible
Can't relieve the ringing in my ears
The sound is drowning out his words
Lonely eardrums taking the pain from all those years
I reached for another bottle as I thought it was under control
However, instead of me, it was him who put me in my place
Took me by the collar and tossed me out
And, just like my heart, the door was shut in my face

It took me a while to process what happened
As the streetlights began to flicker on
Couldn't believe the look in your eyes
Even though, before, I was your perfect son
"Hey, at least I was doing something about it!"
Even though it meant drinking away my sorrow
You can't keep me sober for long
You know I'll be back by tomorrow

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