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January 24, 2011
By LivingLiar GOLD, Manila, Other
LivingLiar GOLD, Manila, Other
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Lie after lie I die with my soul ravished.

Must I sing
A melody of our love
Must I write
A fiction of my heart
Must I dance
To the rhapsody of our lives

We just can't let go
Of a memory
So vividly beautiful
That we paint it with colors
That can never bring that time
Because it’s brighter in our memory
It’s lovelier in there
And I wish to dwell in our memory
And forever be there

If I could make a clock
That could turn back the time
Then I'd make two for us
So we could share the good times
And we'll linger forever and ever
And live happily ever after

I'd put you in my fairytale
You the prince and I the damsel in distress
I'd take out the evil witch, the dragon and the castle
And we'd live inside a cottage
Where we'll make bread and cheese
And sing songs to our children
And you herd our sheep
And I'll make coat from wool
In winter

But then we wake up in the morning
And find ourselves in different beds.

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