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The Song Of Regret

March 3, 2011
By WithPenAndScript DIAMOND, Venetia, Pennsylvania
WithPenAndScript DIAMOND, Venetia, Pennsylvania
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The music box sat on the vanity
Its wood once dark mahogany,
Since has faded and chipped
Inside lies the ballerina’s crypt
The golden latch is broken
Once a treasured token
It now is a faint memory
Dust enclosed for a century
It marks a promise as broken as the latch
Of true lover’s thought to be a perfect match
The song began to play its melody
Who knew the song would end in tragedy
In the dusk of a moonlit night
The ballerina’s song took flight
She stood en Pointe
And the song reached the turning point
Tears, screaming, and the rain
Bashed the music box’s frame
It fell to the floor in a flash
And lover’s flames turned to ash
The box was laid on the shelf
Collecting its dusty wealth
Years went by and it never played
Since the memory was frayed
The song never met ears
For it would only bring the tears
The wood faded, the song was deaf
Until the lovers dying breaths
It was found under dust
Outside the metal began to rust
The box opened and the notes played
Even if hidden in the dark, memories can’t fade
She smiled as she reminisced
As her thoughts drifted to the love she missed
The note inside, she never found
Because her fear of the box’s sound
The words were clear and the meaning too
He said, “Forever, I’ll always love you”
Who knew forever ever ended,
And that bleeding hearts never mended
The song stopped and she closed the past
And waited for the sorrow to pass
One never recovers from something so deep
As a loved one never question that forever they’ll keep
Them in their arms as they look to the stars
But sometimes their music will leave scars
If only she knew, those words on the note,
Were the truest words he ever wrote
But time leaves regrets
Pain we can’t forget
Like a melody to a music box’s song
Two hearts that were always meant to belong

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