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The Cave

April 19, 2011
By Malsie8 GOLD, Placentia, California
Malsie8 GOLD, Placentia, California
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-Lord of the Rings

The walls close in on me with my thoughts-
The darkness of my temper rages-
and now all these feelings which I have fought,
may be temporarily let out of their withering cages.

In this cave that no one can find,
is where I choose to release my mind,
letting go of the things which bound me-
these hurts where the shadows found me.

The dweller of my faults-
the releaser of my burdens-
The infinite medium of my life-
and this thing does but only unveil a curtain,
to the key of my overwhelming strife.

Life either leave me or remove forever my blunders,
for I wish not to come back to this cave,
for the guiltiness of my heart will increase and thunder,
'til I return again to be temporarily saved.

My mind wanders with each return-
insanity delves into each corner in reasons stead,
festering and growing in a bitter spurn,
but the undeniable truth is-it's all in my head.

The author's comments:
We all possess a "cave" to which we go to so we may release the burdens of this world. Yet unfortunately the slight relief we my receive from our metaphysical "caves" wears off quickly and soon we must return again in order to survive the bitterness which this world presents to us daily.

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