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August 17, 2011
By MonicaM SILVER, Antioch, California
MonicaM SILVER, Antioch, California
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I want to be a little girl again
To get yelled at for dancing in the rain
I want to dream without doubt
To smile without pain

I want you to laugh with me again
To be swung up into your arms
I want to make you proud
To be delighted by your charms

I want to freely imagine again
To let it carry me far away
I want to be adored
To not feel forced to stay

I want to see the wonder again
To believe in every fairytale
I want to be naive
To be unafraid to fail

I want to watch the clouds again
To be chased around
I want to pretend I’m someone else
To feel I’ve been found

I want to be a little girl again
To be so beautifully free
I want to be looked at like I was then
To believe you actually love me

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