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A man named Paul

September 1, 2011
By Emmazing GOLD, Alexandria, Virginia
Emmazing GOLD, Alexandria, Virginia
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I once knew a man, who liked to travel all over the lands.
He swaggered through swamps, he jumped and he hopped.
This man lived in a small town, he hardly ever frowned.
This man was quite tall, and his name was Paul.
This was quite a strange man.
One day Paul heard a story, about another man’s fame and glory.
This man had crossed through all the lands, all the worlds and all the sands.
He had traveled through snow, no matter how hard the wind would blow.
He would travel through sun, so hot it wasn’t fun.
This was a devoted man.
So Paul decided upon a task, he would go across the world and back.
He would travel ALL the lands.
He packed up his shirts and his shorts; he booked rooms at several resorts.
He got his supplies and he waved his goodbyes.
Then off went this traveling man.
Paul first went to the country of France; there he bought a new pair of pants.
Then on the next day, he went on his way.
Paul said “au revoir!” to France.
Paul then traveled to Germany, he went and he met a girl named Bethany.
She said “Guten tag!”…But she looked like a hog.
So Paul said, “gotta go!” to Germany.
He was on his way to Asia; he rode on a boat “Anastasia”.
It rocked and it bumped, he screamed and he jumped.
All through the stormy night.
When he was almost done, he was having so much fun; he forgot to feed the cat!
He called upon his neibor, he asked her to do a favor.
“Okay Paul.” Lisa said from a mall.
And she went home and fed the cat.
Paul was at his last destination, and he said with exasperation; “oh how I want to hoooome.”
He was sick of traveling this much, Paul walked so far he might need a crutch.
He had rode 10 planes, and boarded 15 trains!
He didn’t like traveling this much.
So he wondered to himself, is this worth the fame and the wealth?
Or does he like his old life, with his kitty and his wife?
Paul had a decision to make.
He decided to pack up and go, but not to Ireland, or Mexico.
Paul flew his way home, where he was no longer alone.
He sat on his couch; he was no longer a grouch.
He didn’t want it all… he was just a man named Paul.
This was alright with him, because he now had a good story, not about guts or glory.
Just a man, who like to travel upon lands.
And this man, his name was Paul.

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