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The Ballad of Teddy

October 1, 2011
By Spardo SILVER, Santa Monica, California
Spardo SILVER, Santa Monica, California
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When Teddy was a little boy his mother always said
That he should study and eat dinner and then go to bed
But Teddy didn't want to sleep he wanted time to play
So Teddy cried and screamed to try and elongate his day
Then finally his mother who was tired of his yells
Decided to let Teddy stay up till the midnight bells
Young Teddy stayed up late that day and thought that he was cool
But next day he felt tired and he fell asleep in school
Teddy missed his classes but a lesson was still learned
You better get to sleep on time or else you will get burned
Young Teddy gained a bit in mind and grew a bit in height
But still he and his mother would occasionally fight
Cause Tedddidn't’t want to eat the vegetables she bought
He pushed and spread them on his plate and then complained a lot
So one time Teddy’s mother thought to let him have his way
And Teddy just ate cake and pie for all his meals that day
But all the sweets and sugar became more than he could take
And Teddy woke up in the night with a bad stomach ache
Again from an experience young Teddy learned something
If you eat sweets and nothing else the end results will sting
A couple years went passing by and once more Teddy grew
He went to bed at proper times and ate his veggie stew
But Teddy and his mom still clashed, their fighting didn’t ebb
Because young Teddy wanted to spend his time on the web
His mother thought Oh what the heck? I’ll let him try it out.
It’s worked before; he won’t want more, he’ll learn from it no doubt.
So once again he got his way and was let loose online
He talked to friends and played some games and was completely fine
The Internet gave Teddy entertainment with no ends
He joined Skype and Facebook and gained seven hundred friends
His mother watched this happen with a feeling of regret
Her method failed and now her son would not get off the net

Now Teddy goes to bed and eats his greens without a fuss
But as he does he types out tweets and Skypes on Google Plus

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Cianni BRONZE said...
on Oct. 7 2011 at 9:16 am
Cianni BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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What a story but not all the time kids listen so what's the lesson?