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Arsenal of Fate

November 14, 2012
By L7SquariaN GOLD, Madison Heights, Virginia
L7SquariaN GOLD, Madison Heights, Virginia
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Only twice I've spoken
(five times heard)
Of the tale of the broken,
Thrice repaired, sword
The Blade of Woe,
of Tormented Souls,
Death's own Shadow
With an infinite toll
Forged with malice
In a chasm of dread
In Lucifer's palace
In the City of the Dead
This Harbinger of Doom,
This Scourge of the Earth,
Bringer of Tombs
With all of its girth
With each fatal slash
And each slaying thrust,
Beasts to ash
Men to dust
Unsheathed to be wielded
By he who can't quell
The false whispers that pleaded
From the bowels of Hell
He, in possession
Of both blade and bane,
Will arise with discretion
To commence Lucifer's reign

Lo, from Heaven's door
To combat this foe,
Rides and army to war
With the twice strung bow
The String of Serenity,
Of Glorious Salvation,
Sheds light for infinity
for The Shadow's desecration
Strung with grace
In a land most sacred
In God's own place
In the Kingdom of the Saved
This Repeller of Aggression,
This Sentinel of Earth,
Opposition to Oppression
To preserve man's worth
With each true shot,
And each exacting flurry,
Demons to rot
In all of their fury
Gripped in hand
By he who withstands
The faith demanded
By Heaven's command
He who holds
Both bow and brain
Will descend from his abode
To halt Lucifer's reign

Lo, upon this hour,
Forced to now yield,
Betwixt these two great powers,
Is the once enforced shield
The Guardian from Blight,
Of Unwavering Pride
Blocks both Shadow and Light
And continues to bide
Smithed untrialed,
Below the Kingdom most forgiving,
Above the City most vile,
In the World of the Living
This Protector of Men,
This Defender of Earth,
Bulwark from Sin
That plagues every birth
With each firm deflection
And each sturdy parry,
Demonic insurrection
Angels turned away
Stoutly embedded
By he who strives
To justly accredit
The Beauty of Life
He who controls
Both shield and soul
Shall boldly repel
Both Heaven and Hell

The author's comments:
Got in the mood to write about a forged sword, then got in the mood to make it a big piece. Spur of the moment writing. I also realize a few of the words aren't actually real words (repeller, smithed, untrialed), but I feel as if no one will be offended.

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