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December 8, 2012
By writergirly GOLD, Preston, Other
writergirly GOLD, Preston, Other
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"You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have."
- Anonymous

Like a diamond in the rough,
You’re exterior is tough.
Your edges are as sharp as knives,
Scratching all those in your life.
A twinkle evident in your eyes,
Identifying all that lies.
Gleaming bright for all to see,
That’s what drew you to me.
One in a million, that’s what you are,
Shining brighter than a star.
Danger, present, where ever you turn,
Get too close, and someone might get burned.
Recklessness, you do emanate,
To all those near, you do frustrate,
In a moment of clarity,
When it was just you and me,
I see you for who you truly are,
A glorified a******, set high above the bar.

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