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Hazardous Little Kitty

December 31, 2012
By Lisa_Scars BRONZE, CALIFORNIA, California
Lisa_Scars BRONZE, CALIFORNIA, California
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Alaska, cold and beautiful
A place barley anybody goes
A name hardly anybody knows
A girl once gentle now vengeful

Once a little kitty who nibbles and paws
Now turned deadly showing her claws

What actions transpired
Upon such a lovely creature
No softness left in her features
People left around to inquire

Once a little kitty who nibbles and paws
Now turns deadly unleashing her claws

One man could tell us but no he's dead
And we all know that dead men tell no tales
So it's left ourselves to come up with details
To why poor Alaska is but seeing red

Once a little kitty who nibbled and pawed
Officially turned deadly when she clawed

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