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Tights in Snow

May 3, 2013
By Priesty GOLD, Bloom, Indiana
Priesty GOLD, Bloom, Indiana
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I scratched all the paint off your bedroom door
But still you wouldn’t get up off the floor

All I hear is the loud cranking sound
Sinking lower and deeper underground

Don’t you dare leave me, don’t you dare go
For all I know know you’re just tights in snow

You left me here with your mad old lady
With her wicker chair and her gross chicken gravy

And your creepy uncle that strokes my cheek
I need you here to make him feel weak

Don’t you dare leave me, don’t you dare go
For all I know you’re just touch and go

And the sad hound dog that still bays for you
He lives for the next time he plays with you

And that funny old car still waits
It’s rusting under hundreds of little snow flakes

You promised you would teach me how do drive a stick
But now every time I see that stupid car I start to feel sick

But sweetheart you know I’ll be leaving
It changes with the seasons greeting

I’ll live and breathe after today
Even if you don’t, even if you didn’t stay

Don’t you dare leave me, don’t you dare go
But For all you know one day I’ll let you go

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on May. 13 2013 at 9:11 pm
OakleyStewart BRONZE, Livermore Falls, Maine
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This is a wicked good poem! I love it!