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Angel of death

September 26, 2014
By vrp31 BRONZE, Mumbai, Other
vrp31 BRONZE, Mumbai, Other
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Do ask me if the torniquet is tight,

before you make everything right.

I am in a tiny motel,

you say that the elixirs from hell,

will cure all the troubles.

A pinprick will do all the gimmicks.

Blood gushing into the syringe

I'm crossing the bridge,

Dew drops of bubbly brown,

Euphoric gravity pushing me down

But I don't drown

All I feel is the undeniable warmth

of your divine love.

All the flashing streetlights dancing

Am I in need of an aspirin?

No,no,no, it's just you and I jazzing,

dazzling ,sparkling and laughing.

All this gradually begin to languish,

Never mind, there is no anguish.

Oh! People speak  a lot about you,

some say you're true,

others say you are all blues.

Anyways, I decided to explore

the first time our eyes met

the whiff of your scent

and the times we tangoed

even though you tend to play peek-a-boo,

I fell for you.

I saw someone who cared to share,

I thought of you as extraordinaire.

I got high on you ,

High on you.

Heroin, heroin, my true heroine,

My bronze goddess, my angelic demon,

Junoesque,  queen of the bedouin.

Heroin, heroin, my true heroine.

You're mine or rather I'm yours

I've loved the recent detours

Big delicious blob of heroin

Can I devour you some more?

I need to silence my silly brainbox

Just this time,just once.

I thought I can drive up to you anytime

you made everything sublime.

But that was ages ago.

Did I hurt your ego?

I feel empty inside,

I hae nowhere to hide.

I'm thinking to ride,

To that tiny motel,

Along with a bottle of Jack Daniel's ,

Be where when I ring the doorbell.

Make love to me like last time,

Not like the hooker from Amsterdam.

A pinprick like the old times,

Feeling high ain't any crime.

Blood gushing into the syringe

I ain't crossing any b ridge

Desolation keeps pulling me down

but I don't drown

just floating like a corpse

All I see is a devilish gleam in oyur eyes

And you say goodbye.

The author's comments:

This ballad depicts the fate of people who use drugs. First comes euphoria, then they become dependant on drugs just to feel normal. And one fine day, we hear that they succumbed to that drug.

Heroin is a very addictive drug. Once tried, the person becomes dependant on it.

Some relations also tend to be  unhealthy.

And so this poem implies both.

The angels of death are -heroin and one sided love.

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