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August 13, 2015
By futurista12 ELITE, Far Rockaway, New York
futurista12 ELITE, Far Rockaway, New York
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The air is tense and thick

His nose is red and his temper's 'bout ready to tick

I try to explain the concept of family

The concept of stuffing and turkey, but literally

His ears are closed

For just one Thanksgiving, I want a feast

But every year my father acts like a beast

It's not fair, but I don't complain

This is how it is and nothing will ever change

It's late

My father and his friends are filled to the brim

With whiskey, beer, liquor, vodka, spirits, and gin

The air is foul and I try to depart

Sneaking from his presence- I have mastered that art

But this time he sees me and says "Not so fast!

The party's just beginning; we're having a blast."

"There's school in the morning," I lie and plead

But the fist to my face causes my nose to bleed

And at that moment, I decide I've had enough

So I leave in the night, in the wind dry and rough

He tries to follow me out the door

He trips and his fatness falls to the floor

I'm weak, but I make it to the train

Two hours later and I'm approaching Jasmine Lane

The lights are bright and I'm fearful to knock

But when I reach the door, it is unlocked

"I was waiting," she said, her arms out wide

"He called and said he hoped you had died,

And if you're still alive, he's giving up all rights"

My big sister took me into her kitchen

The smiles on my nieces' faces were what I was missing

And they placed in front of me the turkey I'd never ever tasted

With cilantro and spice, it was basted

They gave me cranberry, ham, peas and rice

The collards and cornbreads were unspeakably nice

I forgot my father as I ate that pumpkin pie

The ice-cream was so good, I forgot my other life

For only a moment, but it was great

And that night when it was really late

I slept in a bed-in a bed!- not on a cot

And this happy Thanksgiving was one I never forgot

The author's comments:

A school assignment...Write a poem about Thanksgiving!

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