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My Demon: the Word

August 29, 2018
By Madeliaccola PLATINUM, Asheville, North Carolina
Madeliaccola PLATINUM, Asheville, North Carolina
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She made me

prepare to be hated

though I am loved.

By no means will I breathe.

A clever hallucinogen,

she painted you all black

as secondhand smoke

but left the red for me.

She made me

a bloodbath, a heart,

and fire.

I am no fool;

she doubts my love

and believes in judgment

though I am the libra.

Her favorite description

is that of insanity.

She wants you all to know:

I am obsessed.

It may be the truth

in some places

more than others,

yet it is no flaw.

The difference is

I dream in color

and she fails to dream at all.

Yet somehow she poisons

a word, and I cannot

stand it anymore.

My rationale is:

when I wear white lace

will my sweetheart

care if I was


The author's comments:

This was a piece somewhat emotional for me to write, because it's about a form of bullying that light isn't often shed on. Most people, when hearing about bullying, think of the obvious: abuse from strangers or peers, or perhaps an abusive romantic relationship. This is about abusive friendships and close friends who emotionally abuse. Specifically, the abuse in this focuses on someone who continually criticizes a friend's choices and drives her to think that everyone is against her. I hope people can relate to this piece, which is me trying to express breaking free and erasing from my life this toxicity. Arrivederci!

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on Sep. 9 2018 at 2:49 pm
wandererinthemist SILVER, Aurora, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
It does not do to dwell on dreams, and forget to live.
- Albus Dumbledore

This is truly beautiful. I relate very much to this. It's hard and it hurts and we all hate it, but bullying happens, no matter the form. Thank you for sharing your story.