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Prize Woman

August 31, 2018
By Bug16 GOLD, Bedford, Texas
Bug16 GOLD, Bedford, Texas
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When I was 5

I won the prize

For fastest reader in my class

I read so many books

So fast

The school gave me the tickets

To Bandamere Speedway


When I was 7

I won first prize

In the spelling bee at the harvest festival

I spelled so well

So young

The city let me carry the banner

At the front of the parade


When I was 13

I won first prize

In my dance competition

I had the quickest feet

The strongest legs

And the judges said I had the most brilliant smile

Of all the girls that day


When I was 17

I won a prize

That paid for me to go to a school

Where I learned to prize my intellect

My wit

To prize my confidence and assertiveness

And so I did


But when I was 20

And I left that school

Not everyone prized me

Better yet not everyone would let me

Prize myself

The way the school did.


When I was 21

I should have been prized

For an eloquent piece of research

But he

Was given the recognition



When I was 22

I should have still been prized

For my confidence

But he

Disliked the way

I expressed myself.


So when I was 23

I found someone who prized

My intellect and my wit

Who prized

My confidence

My assertiveness

My beauty

And need for due appreciation


At 24

Dike overlooked him

And he

Got a prize

Just for signing his name


At 24

The two of us


Were denied

Even a medal of recognition


When I was 25

The woman who prized me

Left me to move back home

She said the threats and jeers


The desire to encourage change

So I made one myself


When I was 26

I lost myself

In order to win a future

I ditched the brains, the voice, the dreams

And he

Welcomed me with arms wide open:

His Prize Woman.

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