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The Things I Left Unsaid

September 5, 2018
By Bagel04 GOLD, Kingsville, Texas
Bagel04 GOLD, Kingsville, Texas
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We've come so far, you and I; I wish we didn't have to say good-bye; For a time, we'd come close by heart; But now it seems like we're miles apart;

There are some things I wish you'd known; Some things that should've been said over the phone; Things that I wish you'd told me; You should know...You were never my plan B;

How could you think that I still loved another?; To me, he was more like a brother; After he'd told me no; I promised myself that I'd let go;

I'd finally told myself no more; 'No more boys', is what I swore; But then you came, and made my heart soar; I had no idea what you had waiting in store;

You made me laugh so hard, I cried; You made me feel all giddy inside; And this happiness, I could not hide; I guess that's what happens, when two lovers collide;

When I was with you, I always hummed; And air had finally filled my lungs; I'd finally remembered what it felt like you laugh; You mended my heart, that was once in half;

I had no intentions of falling for you; I didn't want a love that was untrue; Sometimes, away from you, I fled; But even then, you were stuck in my head;

With you're harmonious laughter, you made my heart beat faster; You really are some crazy attracter; And you're still the one that I run after;

No matter where I am; No matter what I do; In my head, all I see is you;

You're moppy sloppy hair; It's more than I can bear; And your breathtaking smile; Just to see you, I'd run for miles;

Your strong arms around me tight; I was finally able to tell myself, 'Everything's gonna be alright.”; And as you looked at me with your gorgeous brown eyes; It's almost as if God had shouted, 'Surprise!';

But just as quickly as you came, you fled; And now all that remains, are the memories in my head; I constantly think about the love that we shared; And everyday I tell myself 'Nothing compared.';

As I lie in bed, alone and afraid; 'Please, bring him back,' to God, I prayed; 'Quickly, before I fade.'; 'Please, send him to my aid.';

Will you save me from this heart-attack?; Will you help me regain the love I lack?; Will you keep my world from turning black?; Now the only question left to ask is...Will I ever get you back?;

The author's comments:

A heart-breaking poem about the things I never told my ex...and things he never told me.

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