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You Gave Me My Nickname

October 26, 2018
By EntitledMonster SILVER, Portland, Oregon
EntitledMonster SILVER, Portland, Oregon
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¨There is no such thing as bad. We have evolved to attach an emotional significance to what is nothing more than the survival strategy of a pack animal. We are conditioned to invest divinity in unity. Good isn't really good, bad isn't really bad, bottoms aren't really pretty. You are a prisoner of your own meat.¨

My ears bleed from the silent screams that echo from the void that expands from my lungs

My heart shatters from the lashings that your tongue gifts to my mind

My mind melts and scrunches itself to try to decipher these codes of touch that you lay upon me

Does it mean that I am accepted?

Does it mean that I am finally normal?

Every time that you would gaze into my soul from across this hell

Was every time that I would question if this is what I was doomed to be

As my mind tried to think of what it could mean

What did you see me as?

What was I to you?

Did I matter?

Did I feel?

Did I make you feel?

When I think of you

I think of other people

The ones who had deemed me certain terms




I felt like this was what I was

But every time that your eyes meet mine

I’m reminded for the first time that

If I’m feeling something

No matter how faint

It might just mean

That you were able to destroy the armor that I came in

All nice and neatly packaged in my box

With just another fake mandatory smile plastered across my face

But you didn’t just want to make me into another doll

You made me brave

Brave enough to graze my fingertips along the surface of the countertops

Brave enough to leave my gray streaks of thought on the ceiling

Brave enough

To perhaps one day

Be a person

Perhaps even the one that you glimpsed hiding behind the curtain of my mind

The first time that you said ¨hi¨

The first time that you saved my life

Over and over again

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