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valentine's day

November 2, 2018
By bourgeoisiehater GOLD, Weaverville, North Carolina
bourgeoisiehater GOLD, Weaverville, North Carolina
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tomorrow is valentine’s day

Edmond, would you pick up some groceries for me?
the list is on the fridge
(of course)
thank you bunches, Edmond
(no problem, sir)

Edmond takes the list
and heads to the store
adorned with large stuffed animals
is the valentine’s day display
it is not on the list but
Edmond wants to surprise you
with a stuffed bear whose head alone
is larger than Edmond’s body

it’s been an hour
since Edmond left
he should be back by now

it’s valentine’s day
you had plans with Edmond
you even bought a
cliche heart-shaped box of chocolate

it’s been a week
since Edmond left
you miss him
you love him so much that
you never got married
it is not yet legal
to marry Edmond

it’s been months
since Edmond left
waiting has turned your guts to lead

it’s been a year
since Edmond left
your back problems are getting worse
your sister has been doing your grocery runs

it’s been years
since Edmond left
recently, a law was passed
allowing humans to marry robots
you met a nice woman a few months back
really wonderful
she comes over often
you love eachother very much
you love Edmond very much
you plan to marry Edmond when he comes home

it’s been decades
since Edmond left
you’re going in for chemo again
the doctors say you’re getting better but
you feel worse

your funeral is today
and it wasn’t the cancer that killed you

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