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January 24, 2019
By ArriTheFox BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
ArriTheFox BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Your bittersweet lies,

ended up being our love’s demise.

Your chocolate-covered poison

was the culprit who let the fairytales in.

Gumdrops and candy canes

are just your simple banes,

but chocolate bars and candy corn

shattered the love that you had once sworn.

Lollipops and caramel apples made me able

to see through this sickeningly-sweet fable.

Peppermint candies and caramel chews

helped me get through my catastrophic blues.

I kept coming back to your

stretchy taffy promises that dripped weakness galore.

I kept coming back to your

lips that spewed false truths like a sugar-rushed lore.

After swallowing down the terrible truth,

I forced myself to rip out that sweet tooth.

I used to think that we were meant to be…

but now, I’ve realized that you were just an ugly cavity.

A cavity who wounded me, day by day

until I got enough courage to say

those words that I had been saving - they crossed a fine line.

Then, I left them for you, so that upon them…  you may feast and dine.

The author's comments:

I enjoy writing poems in my free time, and this was one of the best ones. I love the Teen Ink magazine, and I saw the "Poems" section in the magazine and I thought to myself, "It's worth a shot to try and get in!"

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