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January 27, 2019
By aknoll PLATINUM, Conrath, Wisconsin
aknoll PLATINUM, Conrath, Wisconsin
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Everyone has them.

Big or small.

I am a worrier.

I worry about everything.

About people, family.

I worry about what if this or what if that.

That’s my biggest weakness.

And I can try to avoid it and bury it deep inside of me but it will always come out.

Unless I learn to make it be quiet.

I can’t get rid of it.

No one can get rid of their weaknesses.

But I can acknowledge it and make a change.

Which doesn't mean pretending it’s not there.

But the biggest weaknesses of the human; love

We want to have someone to spend our lives with

And you know what?

It is my favorite weaknesses

And I will embrace it

As much as it hurts to have your heart broken

It will be very worth it when you finally find someone

Maybe some people hate being weak

Maybe some people don’t want to show themselves.

Don’t want to commit

They are scared of what would happen if they open themselves up.

If they have something they love, and lose it.

Maybe it’ll go south.

Or maybe they just don’t like the feeling of being attached

Want to be free

Or don’t want people to know that they can be sensitive and weak like everyone else.

And you know what? Those people are fools.

They have something great hit them and they don’t take it.

Because they are scared.

It’s horrible.

Just because they are macho

Or scared

Or whatever the case may be, they block out others.

I hate it.

And anyone who will do such a thing doesn’t deserve love

If they can’t take it when they have the chance they will never get it and they shouldn’t.

We need to accept our weaknesses and embrace them.

Before they destroy us.

The author's comments:

We all know we're scared, it helps to share.

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