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The Beat of Anxiety

March 2, 2019
By Poetgirl1 PLATINUM, Linesville, Pennsylvania
Poetgirl1 PLATINUM, Linesville, Pennsylvania
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I have to remind my heart to beat

It believes worrying is more important

Than the circulation of my blood,

From my fingers to my feet.

My heart keeps my blood safe

Letting go of my limbs

It doesn't believe 

That the blood will be enough

To get through the hard day

When I see you

I have to remind my heart

That cardiac arrest isn't the best option

My heart likes to play hide and seek

Under the cover of my ribs

Fluttering just enough to keep me alive.

Being alive and living are not the same

Living is your heart coming out to play

It is not being scared to let some

blood go not knowing if it will ever

come back

Being alive is the conservation of blood

Giving it to the vital organs but nothing else

It gives out what it believes is okay to loose

Any more than that my heart might stop. 

My heart believes that it is best for me to be alive rather than live.

I am constantly cold

As my heart will not let go

Worrying is more important to it than 

The temperatureof it's protective covering. 

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