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Dear School

March 9, 2019
By Ycgc7 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
Ycgc7 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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You taught me to believe I would become a great  person

Maybe a doctor, engineer or lawyer

You told me I  was smart and I could be anything 

But you stopped saying that since elementary 

However, you lied to me and to everyone else

School you made everyone believe a fantasy and a title could easily be gained. 

Tell me why did you decide to break so many hearts. 

Sometimes Students full of passion and intelligence are told they are not good enough 

As a kid, i remember being told what amazing jobs we would do and how easy it is to get there

But It's a lie when you grow up

Why  did you disguise something so hideous into the best story that could exist?

Why say the world is beautiful and you can do anything you want when the reality is harsh and devastating?

Tell me why did you plant seeds of nonsense and lies

Why don't you teach us the truth? 

Teach us how to survive and be independent 

Teach us to pay bills and how to fix appliances 

How to get a good job and a bank account 

Teach us how to live through a first heart break 

Teach us how to be responsible and loyal

Teach us to live and not critize 

Show us how to be brave through a family crisis

Show us basic skills all humans need 

Show us how to respect our different colors

Show us how to love one another 

Is a person's feeling not valuable? 

Isn't surviving this cruel world a number 1 skill we should Have?

But why don't we? 

Why don't you school teach us this? 

Explain to me how social studies will improve my family problems?

Explain to me how math will get me through anything besides a headache?

Explain how reading books will make me smarter when their lies make people believe something that isn't there 

Why have you labeled our future with a number to decide if we will be successful or not? 

Why have you placed numbers on us as if it means anything beside always fighting with each other to see who is better 

I understand we need to be educated to get somewhere, but why not make space for what really goes on in the real world

Tell me why you told me I could do and be anything 

But when I told you what I wanted to be 

You closed your doors and said I wasn't good enough 

You didnt teach me how to live up to reality

Instead you threw me out and expected me to learn everything quickly and on my own.

Lies from the beginning 

Thats all you were.

The author's comments:

I take a look at our school system and see so many flaws. This is my take on school and my opinion about not feeling prepared enough for the world as all students should be taught to be. 

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