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The Second my Foot was Out that Door

August 9, 2019
By nate-is-the-name PLATINUM, Clarksburg, Maryland
nate-is-the-name PLATINUM, Clarksburg, Maryland
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We’re all nothing but walking paradoxes, and I love it!

The second my foot was out that door

I began to feel rather lonely

The type of loneliness I felt before I met you

The type of loneliness only your prescience can relieve


The second my foot stepped to the floor

I began to feel quite mournful

The type of mournfulness I feel only with your absence 

The type of mournfulness that can only be cured by a kiss from you


The second my feet crossed through the fence door

I began to feel really hopeful

The type of hopefulness I feel when I think about you

The type of hopefulness that only gets better when I see you 


And the second my feet were at the corner home

I began to feel sincerely loved

The type of love I feel only with you

The type of love that only a hug from you can give

The author's comments:

Apart of a series of poems inspired by my ex girlfriend.

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