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Waits and Wishes

August 14, 2019
By Jordi2112 PLATINUM, Gardner, Kansas
Jordi2112 PLATINUM, Gardner, Kansas
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She waits and wishes

Wishes and waits

For the man that she loves

And the man that she hates

Sometimes a message.

Sometimes a call.

Sometimes nothing.

Nothing at all.

It hurts her mother

More than she knows

When she waits in that window

For a love that has froze.

Every kid needs her father

But this father needs his booze.

When a man forgets his daughter,

He’s got nothing left to lose.

But this child doesn’t forget

Though she barely understands

When every time he neglects

It makes him less than a man.

It doesn’t matter what she needs

All she wants is her father.

The phone rings and she waits

But he doesn’t even bother.

She runs to her mother.

In her arms she will cry

While her father’s in a bar

Until the last bottle is dry.

The next day she has hope.

Has forgotten all her hate.

So she waits and wishes.

And wishes and waits. 

The author's comments:

Wrote this about my sister and her father.

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