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Lifelong Memories

September 20, 2019
By Ethan--Johnson SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
Ethan--Johnson SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
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I am from the house with a hill in the backyard,

 sliding down in the winter, trying not to crash in the shed.

I’m from brutal summer days in the pool,

to frosty winter days in the family room by the crackling fireplace.

I’m from “You can’t accomplish tasks without hardwork”

to learning that phrase explains who I am

I’m From “As long as you try we are proud”

Knowing that success is the only option to go places.

I’m from Friday fish fries at my grandparents,

the crispy fries and the tangy tartar sauce

I’m From Sunday night cookouts with my family,

teaching me that family is the most important thing in life

I’m from growing up watching hours of sports on t.v.

learning sports are one of the most important things to me

From watching the “boring” games of soccer and baseball, to “exciting” football.

Connecting with those who I watch with, creating lifelong traditions 

I’m from getting up extremely at 5:30 to get ready for tournaments,

making lifelong friends playing the sport I love

learning that friends are the second most important things in life. 

From burying my first high school goal my senior year

experiencing the rush my idols feel when they score

I’m from friendly basketball tournaments, and tackle football, and pool basketball.

From weekend sleep-overs, playing poker 

video games with friends,

staying up until 1-2 like my brother did on weekends,

fighting the urge to sleep.

I’m from hours growing at a house with a hill in the backyard,

learning that you have to overcome hills in life to reach goals, facing hardships along the way.

Getting rejected, losing loved ones, failing, getting told your ideas don't work.

The house my parents will sell when me and my sister adventure of at college

Keeping the memories that we found their for eternity

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