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The Nusselback

October 2, 2019
By capnbillyswhizbang GOLD, Austin, Texas
capnbillyswhizbang GOLD, Austin, Texas
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Of the animals there is but one king,

And that is the bird without wing

And though he scarce

be four feet tall

He is but hairs

From king of all

The Nusselback, with flippers like a seal’s and bald, blubbery skin

The Nusselback, with feet like paintbrushes and a beak that goes in

In place of eyes, fleshy or’fices yawn about the face

An eye in its stomach, peering with ethereal grace

Its teeth a grimace in contempt of our race

Oh, how it longs to put us in our place!

About his chest are eight hung

Lumpy glands to feed his young

And when his young awake

All man’s laws will soon break

And as our leaders and legends fall

As they are put blind against the wall

As his children bellow their sickening call

The Nusselback smiles, for it is now truly god

and lord

and king 


of all.

The author's comments:

The Nusselback is a recurring figure in my dreams, and the subject of various drawings I have made. 

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