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January 4, 2021
By Anonymous

Staring out broken windows I tell them my story: 

She told me not to look back when I walked

But what was I supposed to do 

My mama was acting like a fool and pops was a tool 

He was looking tall and lean 

I was just walking to get Ice Cream

But all I could taste was the rain 



Funny how things rhyme 

But I’m running out of time


I walked past the library  and he was still there

But I had to act like I didn’t care 

Mama said men would stare 

But we had to put up with , even if it wasn’t fair but they gave a scare

Walking past the broken concrete and dirty scaffolding; they hadn’t fix that street in 2 years

But that was not the worst of my fears


Police cars hooted 

I guess some robber looted

A bank


Sorry for rambling

Storytelling is not my thing; but this story is meant for kin

Anyway he persisted

And don't get it twisted

Because not to mention

I wasn't looking for attention

And I should’ve listened to my mama

And not go and look for drama

But I was told by my sisters 

To put a mister

 In check 

When he decides to follow you 10 blocks

People like him are why our doors have three locks 

As he got closer I looked him in the eyes; I tried not to cry but 

But his eyes were dead 

He opened his mouth; but said


I rushed home that night 

Until he was out of sight 

And I hugged my mom tight 



And staring out broken windows I decide not to tell my story

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