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My Irish Lass

February 18, 2021
By KateFo BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
KateFo BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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It’s finally Sunday! The day is here!

I’ve waited so long to see my dear.

Whether she shows in her baby blue dress

Or wears her hair in a bun that’s a mess

I can’t wait to see my darlin’

The child that lights up my mornin’

The dear daughter of my own daughter

The wonderous girl full of laughter

Yes, this Sunday is somethin’ very special

The wait up until now has been very stressful.

I’m gainin years, there’s no doubt about that

Just a wee bit of time left to sit and chat

But I’ll take every second of time with my girl

I won’t dare waste a second, not for the world.

Bless this Sunday, Lord make it last.

For today I get to see my sweet Irish lass.

The author's comments:

I am 18 years old and I'm from Lousiville, Kentucky. I've never visited Ireland nor have I ever met someone with ties to the country and culture. I have, however, done much research in order to write this poem so as to not steryotype the country's people. I hope that whomever reads this will find it fun, uplifting, and inspiring.

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